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Lockdown is now coming to an end, most of us will want to go out and spend time with loved ones and some will just want to try going back to normality. Either way at some point we will be going out for a meal.

Going out can be very worrying with everything that is going on, especially if you have worked so hard on trying to cut out certain foods, or trying to stick to a certain amount of calories.

Here are a couple of simple tips to try nd help you enjoy your night out at peace of mind, but also sticking with in your calories.

1 – Have a look at where you are going before hand. Take a look in advance at where you are going to eat, see what foods and dishes they do. Get a rough idea of the meals you want before you go in so you don’t make any rash decisions and pick something with a high calorie content.

2 – Consider how many calories your meal has. If you take a note of how many calories your meal has, you can sit and enjoy yourself knowing that you can still achieve your goals by slight adaptations to your normal routine to make your calories fit.

3- Plan your other meals in advance. If you plan everything else in advance then you will be prepared and not feel as guilty for going out. For example if you are on a diet consisting of 1,800 calories and your whole meal comes to 800 calories, you will then have 1,000 calories to play with for the rest of your meals