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What’s the difference?

Fat loss and weight loss are two different things.

When we talk about weight loss, it comes down to your scale weight. There can be several reasons why the scales say less every time you jump on, it doesn’t necessarily mean your fat is decreasing.

Meaning it could also be muscle mass or water retention. By just measuring your weight loss, there is no clear indication as to where the weight is dropping from, which could result in very little physique development.

However, to be able to measure your fat loss you can use different tools to help you along the way.

There is calliper testing, progress pictures, and taking measurements. All of which will help give a more accurate reading of what you are losing.

If the scales are starting to go down but by using the calliper testing you can see your body fat is staying the same, then it is more than likely that you are losing muscle and fluids, as opposed to body fat.

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